How to Lose Fat Fast

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How to lose fat fast is a challenge facing many people.
Although challenging, shedding pounds need not be difficult if you go about the task in the right way.
Unfortunately, many people crash diet or fast so that they can lose fat fast.
Both methods only have short term results.
Once the crash diet or fast has ended the pounds pile back on.
There is a simple two part method that is proven to lose fat fast and keep it off permanently.
The first part is your diet and the second part is your exercise regime.
Your Diet Your diet is vitally important if you want to lose fat fast.
Your goal is to have a healthy balanced and calorie controlled diet.
Your diet should contain at least five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables each day and one portion of oily fish per week.
You should reduce your calorie intake by a modest amount.
Your body will burn fat reserves to make up the extra energy it needs.
Avoid foods containing saturated fats, highly processed foods and fast foods, candy bars, cakes and cookies.
Cut down on or cut out sweetened carbonated drinks and alcohol.
These foods have little nutritional value but are loaded with calories.
You should drink plenty of cold water each day.
Like eating fruits, drinking water makes you feel fuller for longer but without any calories.
Paradoxically, eating more often helps you to lose fat fast.
Try to have six healthy meals each day.
These are not three course dinners, but small meals such as a piece of fruit and some yoghurt.
By having this many small meals your metabolism is increased as you are not digesting large amounts of food, which makes you sluggish.
Nor will you feel hungry between meals.
As a result, you will lose fat fast.
Your exercise regime The goal of your exercise regime is to increase your metabolism and to promote lean muscle tissue.
A modest amount of cardiovascular exercise each day is all that is required.
Fast walking, jogging or running require little in the line of equipment to get started.
Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walk to the local shop to pick up your daily newspaper.
Build in variety to your exercise routine to avoid boredom.
You could cycle to work or the station instead of driving, or you could go swimming.
If you are consistent and persistent in maintaining healthy dietary habits and exercise regime, the simple method set out above is the best way how to lose fat fast and keep it off permanently.
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