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From Chino In California To Chinon In France, Chino in California California, the most populous state in the United States Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Mexico Chino, a California establishment A city in San Bernardino County A city in southwestern California A suburb of Los Angeles A location you cannot miss So grand in view of the fact that its location is In the western end of the Riverside-San Bernardino Area Easily accessible via Chino Valley and Pomona freeways Chino, bounded by Chino Hills to the west Chino Hills, a city in southwestern California An eastern suburb of Los Angeles, southwest of Chino Chino, Unincorporated San Bernardino County Near Montclair to the north Ontario to the northeast Unincorporated San Bernardino County to the Southeast Unincorporated Riverside County to the south Chino and surroundings, a centre of agricultural and dairy farming Downtown Chino, home to satellite branches of the San Bernardino county library Chaffey Community College, the Chino Community Theatre And weekly Farmer`s Market 2008, we gained the prestigious 100 Best communities for Youth award For second time in three years Chino, host of shooting events for 1984 Summer Olympics Shooting Park In the Prado Regional Park Land grant on which my town was founded Was called Rancho Santa Ana del Chino Santa Ana, Spanish for Saint Anne First inhabitants of Chino in modern times I call the Tongva Had Settlement called Wapijangna In the Santa Anna River Check out the attractions Planes of Fame, an air museum at Chino Airport Yanks Air Museum In Chino, you can afford to wear chino A durable coarse cotton twill fabric, often with khaki-colored You can be different in Chino You can exhibit Chinoiserie, an art with Chinese influence You can put your objects in Chinoiserie style And manifest Chino-Latino in your cooking Chino, a location of the grand movie Back to the Future Future with Chinon Chinon, a France modification France of French Republic France, the largest country in Western Europe France of Fifth Republic With Present Constitution established in 1958 Chinon in France A commune in the Indre-et-Loire department In central France Chinon developed in the middle Ages Especially during reign of Henry II Henry Plantagenet, Count of Anjou Crowned King of England, 1154 1429, Joan of Arc came here In acknowledgment for Future Charles VII of France Chinon, located in the heart of The Valde Loire area Within the Vallée de la Vienne Vienne River Valley Situated on the banks of Vienne River Taste my Chinon`s well-known wine Cabernet France based red wines Visit people emerging from here Francois Rabelais (1493-1553) A man who has a wide range of Accomplishments and Intellectual Interests A man who knew about the end of Middle Ages and Classical revival A major French Renaissance writer, Doctor and humanist Paul Lelaud, member, The French Resistance He is, My Story-Spy Smuggler Was your trip pleasant? From Chino to Chinon.
Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson
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