Weight Loss Diet Pill Summary - 3 Alternatives to Fat Burning Pills

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If you are using weight loss diet pills, then there is some things you should know about all these caffeine-stacked fat burners.
Do they really work? Are they a scam? What does the latest research say? Did your holiday weekend experience make you want to rush out and buy the latest fat loss supplement, so you'll be in better shape for July? If it did, you need to ask, "What's the best supplement to help me lose weight"? The answer: None of them.
They are all a waste of money.
Study after study prove NO nutritional supplement helps with weight loss.
In fact, the latest study* about Chromium Picolinate showed no benefit at all.
(*Reference: Nutrition 23:187-195, 2007.
) But what about the other popular supplements the young, buff salesperson is trying to sell you down at the nutrition store? They don't work either.
Green tea, caffeine, CLA, chitosan (the fat trapper), and all the others - just don't cause weight loss.
So don't waste your money.
There are no magic bullets for fat loss.
I hate to give you the bad news, because I wish there was an effective fat loss supplement as much as the next person.
A real "fat burner" just doesn't exist.
BUT, there are ways to boost your metabolism without supplements...
1) Strength training - aiming for 8 reps per set.
2) Interval training - rather than long, slow boring cardio.
3) A whole, natural foods diet, rich in high-fiber fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and high-protein foods.
The rules are simple.
All you have to do is commit to them, and follow them consistently, and you'll boost your metabolism.
Get your metabolism boosting workouts from Turbulence Training.
I guarantee you will make incredible changes in the next 7-10 days, and sculpt a new body by July,
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