The Future of SEO

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There are theories that the big search engines will turn to pay per click (PPC) model, so the search engine optimization (SEO) industry has no future.
Indeed, the SEO profession will change drastically within a few years, but the cause won't be the PPC model.
One thing is sure: Google tries to meet the demands of searching Internet users.
Google has been extremely good at meeting these demands so far today.
Google is focused on relevancy.
This is the key issue.
Google won't change this strategy, because of the high risk.
If Google (and its big competitors) turn to PPC model, the Internet users will look for an another small search engine which offer relevant results.
All search engines follow the steps of Google.
But what will be the next step? Google has become enormous and powerful company.
It has great financial and intellectual sources.
If this company want to offer perfect results for everyone, then this dream will come true - in the future.
And this possibility is not so far away.
Many SEO tactics is based on the imitation of relevancy.
The so-called white hat SEO methods also are based on imitation - in a certain sense.
The link-building, the SEO copywriting, etc.
- these methods are accepted by search engines.
But no one knows, whether these methods will work or not in the future.
This is the real danger for SEO professionals.
Nowadays, it is difficult to get high ranking without relevant, unique content.
But it is possible.
In my opinion, this fact will be change.
The relevant, unique content will become the main factor of SEO success.
This is a type of convergence: convergence between SEO business and journalism.
Too incredible? Yes, it is.
The present is also incredible - from the view of the past.
We will see it.
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