Reasons People Love Cornhole

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There are many reasons that people love to play the game of cornhole.
These reasons include the portability, safety, and easy play.
The fact that you can take cornhole with you wherever you go is a very big benefit and reason people love it.
People like to spend hours at the park but they may not have anything to do.
Taking your cornhole toss game with you to the park or to grandma's house is an excellent benefit.
The board is only 4 feet long and 2 feet wide which means it will fit in the back of your car and even in your trunk.
Cornhole is entirely safe.
The game is played very similar to horse shoes but the cornhole bags are not dangerous.
They are also not heavy.
If you hit someone in the head with a cornhole bag you will not injure them.
A horseshoe could kill someone if you are not careful and they get hit hard enough.
Cornhole is safe so you don't have to tell the kids they are not allowed to play this time.
Cornhole is very easy to play and there is not a big learning curve.
Anyone can walk up and play.
While you are playing cornhole and someone walks up to join you then it is not bothersome to you when you have to explain the game.
It takes less than 30 seconds to explain the point and the goal of the game.
There is no complexity to the game and it brings so much fun.
There are many reasons people love to play the cornhole toss game.
All you need are two cornhole boards and some bags filled with corn.
The game is portable and you can bring it with you anywhere you go.
You can learn it easily and it is the safest game you can play.
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