How to Set Up a HL-2170W

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    Setting Up the HL-2170W Printer

    • 1). Pull the front cover to open. Rock the drum unit and toner cartridge to distribute the toner inside.

    • 2). Place the drum unit and toner cartridge into its slot in the printer. Close the front cover.

    • 3). Pull the paper tray away from the printer.

    • 4). Press the green lever of the paper tray and adjust it to fit the kind of paper you are using.

    • 5). Place the papers into the paper tray. If you are putting several papers, stack them well first to avoid paper jams.

    • 6). Insert the paper tray back into the printer.

    Printing a Test Page

    • 1). Plug one end of the AC power adapter into the printer while the other end to an active power outlet. Ensure the power switch is turned off as you do this.

    • 2). Unfold the "support flap 1."

    • 3). Wait for the printer to warm up and for the "Ready LED/Go" button to give off a still blue light.

    • 4). Press the "Ready LED/Go" button for the device to start printing a test page.

    Installing the Printer Driver

    • 1). Turn off the AC power switch of the printer.

    • 2). Ensure that the USB cable that comes with the printer is not connected. If you already connected it, unplug it from its port.

    • 3). Turn on the computer and log in as administrator.

    • 4). Place the installation CD into your optical drive. Follow the installation instructions that will appear on your screen. Connect the USB interface cable only when the installation wizard prompts you to do so.

    • 5). Reboot the computer when setup completes.

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