Cheap Flights to Malaga - Can You Find Cheap Flights to Malaga?

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One of the most popular tourist destinations for northern Europeans has long been Malaga, although it is not commonly thought of by American tourists.
Malaga, a seaside town in southern Spain, enjoys some of the best weather in Europe and because of its northern European influence, is a great place for English-speaking tourists to visit.
There are cheap flights to Malaga virtually year-round, so wherever you are, it is the season to visit Malaga! The capital of Andalusia, Malaga is the sixth largest city in Spain with over 500,000 people.
Because it is situated on the Mediterranean, and just a stone's throw from the continent of Africa, the weather is almost always warm and sunny.
Because so many people from northern Europe, particularly the British, visit this town, cheap flights to Malaga are always available.
Malaga, besides being a seaside destination, is particularly historical because of its influence of both Catholic and Arabian peoples.
There are remains of various civilizations - Romans, Arabians, Phoenicians, and Christians - and their influence is seen throughout the region.
In addition, because of the large British population, both permanent and transitory, there is a large British influence, particularly in the food and drink part of your visit! Perhaps Malaga's best-known export, Pablo Picasso, is a feature of the art life here and there are numerous museums you can visit when you aren't lounging on the beautiful beach.
You are also within range of many other famous Spanish cities such as Cordoba, Seville, and Granada.
An interesting town, Malaga combines the old-world style of the Mediterranean region with the Moroccan culture which is just miles across the Strait of Gibraltar.
The various types of cuisine are extraordinary and the night life is second to none! Cheap flights to Malaga make this one of the best ways to spend a week, and any time of the year is a good time to visit Malaga.
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