How to Deal With Broken Dentures

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Imagine your teeth breaking at an inconvenient place and you can't do much about it. Perhaps your artificial teeth ditched you at the moment you were about to attend a gathering at your child's school or perhaps you faced an embarrassing moment when your dentures gave way just as you chewed on a hard, crunchy food item?
Such incidents can happen anywhere, anytime. In fact, the most cautious of people might find themselves in a similar predicament. With normal usage and proper dental care, your dentures can last for some years to come. But they are not made of concrete. A simple fall, grinding of teeth or a hard bite can lead to dentures breaking and chipping.
Years of usage make it weak and more vulnerable to chipping, which is why you have to be prepared to take care of any unpleasant situation before it happens! Many times, you might not have time to go to a dentist to drop your dentures. For times like these, you should have duplicate dentures with you. A broken denture should not cancel your weekly appointments with the salon.
Duplicate dentures are easily made at Same Day Denture Repair.
When you drop your artificial teeth at Same Day Denture Repair, we take an inside and outside molding of dentures to create an exact fit. New plastic and teeth are fit to match your current set of artificial teeth. You can use it when your original artificial tooth break to avoid the embarrassment of being without teeth. We ship you your original dentures on the same day. Duplicate dentures are shipped in three business days.
If in case, you don't have your back-up dentures (which you should as soon as you can!), you can drop your dentures for repair when they break. Your denture is repaired and shipped back to you on the same day, so you are spared the wait and hassle if you had chosen to go to a dentist for getting your dentures repaired.
We repair partial dentures, flexible partial dentures and denture teeth.
If you attempt repairing broken dentures by yourself at home, chances are you might end up damaging them even more because you are not experienced at repairing dentures.
A denture repair kit will cost you very less, probably around $7. But the problems you might face later are not worth it. Experts advise against using a self-repair kit as it can lead to further infections. Use it only when you have no other alternative and as a temporary solution. Bring your denture to us for professional repair.
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