Breast Augmentation Exercise: The Basic Information to Help You Heal Faster

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Massaging your new set of implants plays a significant role in the recovery process as well as promoting better results.
Although not all doctors suggest this, but it has proven itself to be beneficial if you want a successful outcome which has less complications.
Benefits of breast massage One of the benefits of breast massages is that it lessens the stiffness and pain that occurs during post-surgery.
Another is that it prevents capsular contractures from occurring.
The massaging motion also promotes better circulation to the area, thus encouraging healing.
How do you perform massages? It is often advised that you should massage your breast for not less than a minute.
You can then incorporate other exercises to make up your whole routine.
This gives better repetition and an adequate amount of movement to the area.
You will do these exercises three times daily for the first month, twice for the second and once for the next succeeding months.
For one exercise, you can perform it by positioning both hands on each of the upper outer portion of your breast.
With gentle pressure you push your breast towards each other hold it for one to three seconds then release.
You repeat this for a full minute before proceeding to another exercise.
The next one is a pumping exercise, which is done by crossing your arms over your chest, and cupping the each breast with the opposite hand along the outer portion.
You then gently bring your breast together and hold it for a couple of seconds before releasing.
Do this again for another minute.
Another exercise is done by placing one hand on the opposite shoulder, allowing the elbow portion to cover the breast on the same side.
With your free hand, you repeatedly push, hold it for a couple of seconds, and then release your elbow providing some pressure to your breast.
You can do this for two minutes, one for each side.
For a fourth exercise, you simultaneously press on the upper thirds of your breast using the pads of your fingers.
This motion can bring your breasts slightly upward.
You maintain the pressure for a couple of minutes before releasing it.
Another exercise would be to cup both hands along the sides of one breast then slowly bring them together.
Keep the gentle pressure for a couple of minutes before releasing it.
This exercise displaces your implant to the extra pocket above, preventing a capsular contracture from forming.
Precautions Not all surgeons recommend breast massages, which is why you need to take ask this prior to surgery.
Remus Repta, a plastic surgeon in Phoenix, claims that if the pockets were properly made, there is no longer a need to displace the implants by massaging it.
Meanwhile, Dr.
Ivar van Heijningin or Belgium suggests that you avoid massages if you have anatomical implants and massages are only advisable for saline implants.
This is why you need to take this up with your surgeon, as to the right exercise, timing and most of all, if he recommends it.
The basic premise of having these exercises is to prevent complications in breast augmentation surgery that will delay healing.
If you fail to avoid these complications, you can risk yourself to problems with the outcome, and ultimately your health.
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