Tips On Having A Successful Party: Always Have Handheld Metal Detectors

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Do you live to party and party to live? Well then you may find this list of top party fouls very useful. Everyone loves that guy who is still at the party at 3 in the morning, wearing a lampshade on his head and singing bad karaoke. You know who nobody like? The guy who takes out a high caliber revolver and shoots everybody. That guy is a real buzz kill, trust me. So without further ado here are some helpful tips on having a successful party

Tip #1 Always have enough food and beverages for your guests. Nothing is more annoying than being at a party and not having enough to drink, except being shot.

Tip #2 Do not allow people to be over-served. Although we all love that guy with the lampshade on his head, it is probably in his best interest and the best interest of all guests attending if nobody at the party is fall-down drunk. Or stabbed to death.

Tip #3 If you are having an outdoor party please remember to have enough tents to ensure everyone stays dry in the event of inclement weather. Dry and not bleeding to death from multiple gunshot wounds is a great way to spend time at a party.

Tip #4 Theme your party. Nothing is more entertaining than having everyone show up in attire based on a particular theme. Some ideas for a theme party could be 80s night, come-as-you-are, celebrity look alike, Hawaiian themed, Patriotic, Mardi Gras, or my favorite, a not-stabbed-in-any-vital-organs theme. This is where everyone comes dressed in clothes that are not soaked in their own blood because they havent been fatally stabbed at your party.

Tip #5 If the party is a surprise party be sure to be extra careful when sending out invites so that nobody spills the beans when speaking to the guest of honor. Also, make sure that nobody shoots the guest of honor at your party because that will just ruin it.

Tip # 6 Dont stab or shoot anyone at the party. I think weve been over this but just to be very clear, when someone is shot or stabbed at a party it can often ruin the party not just for the person who has been shot but for everyone in general.

Tip #7 For crying out loud, if you are planning on having a party or event of any kind and value and respect human life you will acquire a handheld metal detector to help protect the well-being of your guests.

I hope this has helped.

Stay Safe,

Carl Vouer

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