When Life Gets You Down

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Even when you have done your best in whatever endeavor you're in, still there is a chance that they would not take your best as the "accepted" best.
Yes, people around  us are always- in high and low- searching for our doom.
Nary good samaritan would ask about our feelings after we have done a blunder or two.
However, when you are self -motivated and self-confident fellow, nary single outside affirmation is needed to make you at peace with yourself.
Only huge confidence and inner motivation are enough to get you on track, making you more inspired to take more challenging tasks and so on.
Nary single mistake is sufficient enough to forget everything you know and just accept the society's judgment as failure.
When you feeling being down there is always a way to making yourself feel upbeat, full of zest and the like in life, career and relationship.
Nobody needs to become sad or what if you just know how to face life squarely, with ease and confidence to take another step to continue your journey onward.
Yes, it is just a matter of attitude.
Observe positive thinking and you would feel something good about yourself despite the feeling of sadness enveloping your whole being.
Constant practice of being positive in everything you do, feel and think...
nary single mistake or failure is enough to make you feel incompetent, hopeless and the like.
The more failures, the better your chances of getting to the top, realizing your dreams.
Now, if you still feeling down and you know that you need someone to lift you up, just look up.
See the clouds like cottons above which its purity means life is something to be treasured despite the odds.
When you see rainbow over a mountain, you know that there is still hope.
After every storm there is a promise of a sun shining over us exuding with magical rays quenching our every thirst for happiness.
A simple sight of a flower by a wayside while wind blowing gently on its leaves bespeaks reasons to live despite the odds, for tomorrow is another day...
another challenge awaits you.
Now, just look forward to it and you would feel happy when you know that tomorrow someone or something is waiting for you.
Whatever reason there might be in not getting positive, still there is always a chance of getting one through a smile.
Smile when you are feeling down and change your attitude towards life, love and the like.
Yes, everything will be fine and dandy.
Lift up your sight and see the stars at night; ignore the pitch darkness! Yes, what you just need is light.
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