Visiting Accra with Cheap Flights

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A blend of modern culture and ancient times is whatAccracity is.Accrais the capital ofGhanaand an attraction for travelers. Since the city was built along the port, it has enchanting attractions for the tourists to surprise them with.

Accrahas gradually raised itself on international standards and is now fully transformed into a cosmopolitan city. Whether shopping is your craze, or you love wandering in the feet of modern sky-scrapper buildings along with some sight-seeing architecture of ancient times, Accraseems to be the best destination for your holiday venture. Book cheap flights to Accra, and enjoy an elating journey to this marvelous city.

Accrawas established in 17th century and was made the capital of British Gold coast in 1877. Similarly, after the independence of Ghana, Accra was officially announced as the capital of Independent Ghana in 1957. Traveling with Cheap Flights to Accra has become very easy nowadays. Due to its popularity and exotic beauty of the beaches, many travel agencies are now coming up with budget friendly flights toAccra.  You still need to act smart while choosing a travel agency for yourself. Compare the tariffs, discount deals, flights schedules and timings plus user reviews about a certain travel agency. This will help you loads in your decision making, regarding the selection of a travel agency.

Katoka international airport is the main gateway to Accrathat is located in the city centre, hence saving your time, in reaching at any part of the city by simply hiring a taxi or a bus. The city offers a contrasting life with modern tall buildings at one side, and shanty towns at the other side. The mix of lavish and a miserable life invite tourists with Accra Flights, every year.

Along with famous attractions like National Museum, National Theater and  Shai Hills Resources Reserve, Accra boast up on its exuberant night life with the presence of pubs and bars across the city. Museum, parks and the beaches including beautiful blue Lagoon and Labadi beach are the special identity of Accra. Whereas, you can also avail the best shopping experience ever in Makola market, which is the commercial hub of the city.
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