How To Rid Your Home & Yard of Ticks

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    • 1). Clean up your yard. You need to remove any piles of leaves and cut-back shrubs and keep your grass cut short. This will take away the ticks' hiding spaces.

    • 2). Keep a lid on all of your trash cans to discourage mice from coming on the property. Then remove any plants that may attract deer. You may also want to put up a fence to keep deer off of your property, if you have a bad tick infestation.

    • 3). Remove bird feeders. Bird seeds attracts mice and other rodents that can bring ticks on to your lawn. The birds themselves also can carry ticks.

    • 4). Remove any ticks that you find indoors. You can pick them up with a set of tweezers and burn them in an ashtray. You shouldn't find too many indoors. You will mostly be concentrating your efforts outside.

    • 5). Spray your lawn with a permethrin-based pesticide. Be sure to follow all of the instructions on the product label. You will also want to wear gloves, goggles and a mask when you apply the pesticide. This will kill the ticks in your lawn.

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