NANOFUSION! A Vitamin That Is Radically Different

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A Vitamin That Is Radically Different. NANOFUSION!

What makes Max N-Fuze any better than the thousands of other multi-vitamin supplements on the shelves today?

This is a great question! N-Fuze is radically different than any other supplement in several ways:

    1. N-Fuse One-of-a Kind Nanofusion technology has the best Absorption and Bioavailability on the market

    2. N-Fuze is Purposeful with Targeted Nano-Nutrients for Optimal Cell Health

    3. N-Fuze is Proven to be Safe and Effective

    4. Best Absorption and Availability of Nutrients to our Cells

Looking back at point one, Consumption Does Not Equal Absorption. Or, said another way, taking a vitamin does not insure that it will be absorbed but might just pass through and out during the elimination process.

Most supplements are a crap shoot. We do not know how much gets absorbed or even if it ever makes its way into the cells where it is most needed.

Max N-Fuze delivers targeted nutrients to cells for specific purposes through the bloodstream in less than 60 minutes rather than the usual 18-48 hours that it may take other supplements. This is done through a unique patent-pending Nanofusion delivery system. The introduction of Max N-Fuze is the first of its kind.

Some point out that Nano-technology has been around for a while. Most products claiming Nano-technology do not have the design of N-Fuze.

Nano-sized particles can unfold and "re-aggregate" or "re-agglomerate" and actually become either bigger or even different than what they were intended and may not even fit the cell receptors.

I don't mean to sound like a Dr. here but the term "Nano" has become a marketing flashpoint and some products that advertise "Nano" are using it without meeting the stringent requirements… much like using the term "natural' or "organic" in marketing without real certification or under relaxed or no oversight. Or like "sugarless" really means the use of Aspertame.

N-Fuze is both radically different and arguably the best! N-Fuse nutrient particles are housed at 65 nanometers within water clusters so they are guaranteed to transport as designed… through the mouth tissues to the bloodstream and on into the cells as intended.

The remainder is transported through the rest of the digestive tissues in the same manner. (The criterion for calling something "Nano" is that it must have a dimension of 100nm or less.)

ONLY THE MAX CELLULAR TRANSPORT SYSTEM process can create a stable water cluster capable of passing through the bloodstream directly into tissues at the cellular level.
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