10 Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced

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Unfortunately, no matter how much hard work and commitment you put into a marriage, there are no guarantees of a happy ever after.
Here are 10 reasons why couples turn to divorce.
One of the most common reasons for divorce is infidelity, particularly where one partner has cheated more than once or is involved in an ongoing affair.
One of the most serious reasons is where one partner is inflicting physical abuse on the other.
While many people struggle to escape this scenario, others successfully break free.
It's not just physical, either.
Many spouses suffer emotional abuse at the hands of their husband or wife.
Although money shouldn't play a part in our happiness, when financial problems put strain on home life, it can have a major impact on a marriage.
Although it's something that most people tend to avoid talking about, sexual problems are often the route of many relationship breakdowns.
From incompatibility to disparate libidos, it can end badly if a couple doesn't talk about and tackle the issue.
As people get older, their priorities and ambitions in life change.
It may be as simple as where someone wants to live to as significant as no longer wanting to have children.
Where priorities are different, divorce often comes next.
We all have expectations of what we want in a partner or spouse and when someone doesn't meet them it can lead to disillusionment over the marriage.
Likewise, it's not easy for people who feel they are continually failing to live up to high expectations.
Where one partner has a serious addition, such as alcoholism, gambling, drugs or sex, it can put increased strain on relationships and unless treated and dealt with, can result in a break-up.
When a couple stops talking, small problems can manifest into bigger issues and, over time, may result in the relationship falling apart.
When people get married, it's generally because of intense feelings of love for their partner.
Unfortunately, as feelings change over time and no longer feel as intense, a couple may find they don't have as much in common and grow further apart.
One thing you can do if you're in any of these situations and there is no way back for the two of you is talk to a family solicitor or divorce solicitor about what your options are.
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