What Obama Said That Made Me See Him Differently

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Here we go.
We're days away from determining what the rest of our lives will be like, and what the next generations will have to deal with.
There comes a moment where making a seemingly small decision, will change your trajectory so much so, that your end result is night and day from your starting point.
Now I don't want to come off as some fanatic "Obama is Messiah" parader.
The truth is I don't think he is Messiah at all.
He is charismatic, he is intelligent - though not perfect, much like the rest of us, he seems to be the one with the clear understanding of where we are, and where the solutions may lie to change our lives.
Before he was just another politician, actually, a pretty darn good one, but a politician nonetheless.
But I see his vision.
The truth is, I believe that vision will affect the entire world.
So without sounding like I'm brainwashed by a campaign, let me tell you the one thing, that told me he is above most, in his understanding and focus on the issues Americans are dealing with.
What resonated with me the most wasn't his address on the economy, on healthcare, even on the war.
Make no mistake; every single one of those things is important to me.
I have a mother about to retire, who is afraid she will not have be able to afford her medication; medication which cannot be interrupted.
So there is the economy and healthcare issues rolled into one for me.
I have a cousin, who came back from Iraq intact thank goodness, but many of his buddies didn't.
So of course I am touched by the war.
But honestly, there is not much brainpower required to address those issues.
They are palpable, in your face.
What isn't in your face is the solutions, which I believe he addressed with a single idea.
One initiative that will affect and improve them all at different times of course as they all will have varying processes and challenges.
What got me, was simply his commitment to: Alternative Energy.
Yes you have heard him mention it before.
Of course there are millions of us who believe this to be a serious matter and believed so before it started feeling like we're putting gold into our gas tanks.
Here's why it did it for me.
Having the governments invest or in some form, subsidize the development of alternative energy sources does the following for the issues that matter so much to Americans: Unemployment: It will create thousands of new jobs for decades to come.
Economy: The industrial revolution made us powerful.
Our innovation made us leaders.
We must enter the race for Alternative Energy supremacy much like we did with space and arms.
o It will make us a producer once again.
This will then be a product to export to other nations.
o It will keep American dollars in the states, which will no longer go to oil producing countries.
Healthcare: Although short-term reform is necessary to help us now, the long-term effect of an Alternative Energy Plan will free and create income for our citizens, but will also boost our economy to the point where true reform and healthcare for all is attainable, while maintaining the integrity of free enterprise within the health industry.
By that I mean that, although serious changes need to be made to how the industry operates, the truth is, capital, and the governments commitment to creating this capital by innovating, and not taxing us more to give it back to us repackaged, is the real way to build the foundation for a basic healthcare initiative that will provide healthcare to those who do not have it.
It all comes down to Dollars.
Obviously it is more involved and complicated than that, but it is very possible.
Obamas's commitment to an Alternative energy plan is expressed clearly when he said, "We can't drill our way out of the problem.
That's why I've focused on putting resources into solar, wind, biodiesel, geothermal.
It is absolutely critical that we develop a high fuel efficient car that's built not in Japan and not in South Korea, but built here in the USA.
We invented the auto industry and the fact that we have fallen so far behind is something that we have to work on.
Source: 2008 third presidential debate against John McCain Oct 15, 2008.
In the debate of October 7th 2008 he stated, "I've called for an investment of $15 billion a year over 10 years.
Our goal should be, in 10 year's time, we are free of dependence on Middle Eastern oil.
And we can do it.
Now, when JFK said we're going to the Moon in 10 years, nobody was sure how to do it, but we understood that, if the American people make a decision to do something, it gets done.
So that would be priority number one.
Source: 2008 second presidential debate against John McCain Oct 7, 2008.
His commitment to alternative energy shows me he is a progressive thinker, who has evolved.
This is an evolution that is a long time coming for Americans; thinking on a global scale, thinking further out than 2-4 years.
Understanding that our decisions, the ones we make for our own country, will affect the entire world.
Our decisions, or indecisions of 8 years ago, has undoubtedly affected more than just us.
We have the power to affect the world once again, only this time, to heal it.
Thanks for going through this.
It means a lot to me.
Get out and vote.
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