Marketing for Real Estate Agents - This Tool Will Help You Find Success

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In day-to-day work, it is easy to get caught up in holdings patterns, habits, and beliefs.
Now, consistency is important to building up and communicating your brand as a real estate agent, but what happens if you just start to get bogged down? What are some tools to break patterns that are no longer serving you? When I work on branding with my clients, describing a "picture of success" is the first of seven steps we take.
This picture becomes a Vision Statement, which we use as the foundation for all of our marketing and branding work.
A Vision Statement should be a vivid picture of what your business will look like in one to five years when you have reached your vision.
It describes how it feels to be working as a real estate agent, what reputation you will have, and what your contribution is.
It's not a mission statement, because you will be describing how you will BE, not what you will DO.
It creates a rally point for all of those working with you.
Here are five reasons to create a vision statement: 1.
Once you've imagined your business of the future, you can "visit" it - and makes plans for the unexpected.
This is a great why to uncover opportunities - and threats.
They make it easier to dream about what is possible, thus opening your imagination to new insights.
Having a specific image in your head that captures your success is much more exciting than simply thinking about numbers.
Because they are both specific and aspirational, Image Statements provide inspiration - and motivation.
As we know from athletes, it's easier to achieve something we've already seen - even if only in our heads.
Here's how to get started on your own Vision Statement: Pick a date 1-5 years in the future.
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine how exactly you want your work to feel like at that point.
What are your clients like? How many do you have? What kind of properties are you working with? How does a typical day go? How much money are you making? Keep it to under a page, and if there's anything you don't like, just erase it and start again.
After all, it's your vision! Once you are done, keep your Vision Statement as an internal document, but refer to it from time to time to keep you inspired and motivated.
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