How to Overcome Fear INSTANTLY

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It stops us from doing a lot of things.
Okay, of course we need it; otherwise we'd all be dead.
But a lot of the time fear is irrational.
We hesitate.
Then we over-think.
Then we get more afraid.
And so we hesitate some more.
It's a vicious cycle that stops us from doing a lot of things.
Often, we experience fear in the fleeting opportunities.
We spend so much time in our heads and not committing to any action that the opportunity passes by before we had a chance to do anything.
Is there a stranger you want to talk to? Hmm, maybe it'll be awkward.
But then again, they have a really nice smile.
They're gone.
Volunteers for a big project? This is a chance to get a promotion.
But I don't want to raise my hand.
What if I fail? You might read a lot of guides that tell you to "identify fear and bring it into light".
It's sound advice, but you're here to get rid of the fear NOW.
Not later, not after you've written a whole book about your feelings.
But now, in the moment, just as you're about to do whatever it is you're afraid of.
Ignore all emotions or responses from your body.
Focus on accomplishing what you're trying to do.
Others may tell you to visualize.
Visualizing should be done well before you're about to commit.
Are you standing on a cliff, ready to parachute down? There's no point visualizing if you can already see what you're about to do.
Leave the visualizing at home.
Leave the step-by-step plan in your bag.
When it's your time to shine, none of these will help you anymore; in fact, they become hindrances.
So how do I overcome fear instantly? It should be painfully clear by now.
To overcome fear, you must prevent the fear from growing in the first place.
You're afraid because you haven't done it yet.
So do it and you will no longer be afraid.
Here's the magical spell to erase all fears and imbue your spirit with unmatched confidence: 3.
GO! That's it.
A simple countdown and then you go! You don't have to say go, if you don't want to.
Replace it with a word that is powerful for you.
But I tried doing this.
It doesn't work.
A hit a blank.
I just hesitate even more.
What am I doing wrong? Practice.
And practice some more.
This is a skill.
Athletes do funny things before their event to tell their bodies what they're about to do.
Throughout training, they'll do their ritual and so on the big day, when they're about to start, their ritual will tell their body, "Hey, he's doing that again.
Get ready.
We know what's about to come.
" So practice on small things first.
They don't have to be scary actions but make them ones where you're likely to hesitate.
It'll get your body used to committing to an action after the countdown.
Getting up from chair.
Use the countdown.
You're too lazy to get up, but just go 3, 2,1.
Go! Then get the off the chair.
Getting out of bed in the morning.
Take cold showers! Everybody hates icy cold showers when they're so used to the comfort of warm ones.
Turn the cold tap on.
Let it run and you'll notice your body cringe at the cold shower.
Use the countdown and jump in! Countdown before you start a heavy set of weights at the gym.
Or use it before you're about to sprint.
The more and more you do it, the more accustomed your body will get to it.
It will turn all the fear in your stomach into heart-pumping adrenaline! Speed of the Countdown SLOW: A slower countdown is suitable for more relaxed situations.
Useful for when you need to keep your cool and have clarity of mind.
Examples include when talking to strangers, asking a big favour of someone, giving a big speech or most social occasions.
FAST: You'll be using a fast countdown most of the time.
It will give you a rush of power and control.
Like someone's injected chilli sauce into your veins.
Examples include extreme sports, lifting in the gym, going on adventures, running away from the police and so on.
Now you're capable of anything.
No longer will fear hold you back.
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