A Personal Exercise Regimen

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There are no true one size fits all clothes, and the same thing goes for exercise.
The best type of exercise for you is going to depend on one very important thing, You! What do you like to do? For that matter, what do you not like to do? Can you afford membership fees or are you embarrassed to work out in front of others? All of these are important questions that are too often overlooked and lead to disappointing results.
Contempt Breeds Avoidance Getting fit is a matter of making lifestyle changes, in other words you are going to have to maintain these exercise routines for a long time! If you do not like to run what do you thing the chances are you are going to maintain that early morning jog? Slim to none, are exactly the chances of that happening.
For the select few people who cannot think of one exercise they are friendly with, choose the thing you dislike the least, perhaps walking? Walk Fit The one reason everyone suggests walking as an appropriate exercise is that just about anyone can do it.
No matter what your current fitness level is, you should be able to incorporate a walking plan.
Besides, it is the one activity where you can easily find a friend to join you and alleviate the monotony.
Make it a fun "outing" instead of an "exercise routine", you will find the time flies and you will actually look forward to your daily exercise.
No matter what exercise you choose, you should start at a low level of intensity and build it up over a period of weeks, which is essential to the longevity of your exercise program.
If you start off too hard, you could end up with an injury, which will require time off to get over.
Gradual Whatever you do for exercise remember you are in a marathon and not a sprint.
You will be better served to begin slowly and work up to higher levels of intensity.
When you take off at full throttle, you increase your chances of injury, which will set your exercise and fitness back considerably.
Instead, try an incremental approach: ·Walk slowly at first ·Increase your pace to a brisk walk ·Add some weights ·Jog intermittently ·Build up to full blown run! Couch Potato If you cannot remember the last time you walked for any other reason than shopping and you are not in the best shape you can start your regimen at about ten minutes every day.
Over the course of a couple of weeks, try to increase that time by five minutes until you have reached a minimum of 30 minutes per day.
Change up your route to keep things interesting and perhaps rotate your friends.
Hate to Walk? Some people simply do not like the idea of walking; in this case, you might look into going to a gym.
At a fitness facility, you will have a wide range of equipment to choose from and most establishments will have a trainer.
You can ask questions and get proper guidance for your routine.
The one thing you must do when choosing a fitness location is check the service.
The level of service you receive should be gauged from the minute you walk in the door.
Joining the gym is not going to change the attitudes of the people in charge, in fact once you agree to the membership and pay the fees there is little incentive for them to act otherwise.
A good gym will greet you warmly and have a well-maintained facility with nice equipment.
All of this you can easily check out before you join.
Keep your eyes and ears peeled when you first enter the building, if there is bad equipment you will definitely hear the noise.
Sports? At this point if you are still not sure what you would enjoy consider taking up a sport.
Tennis or golf are both good choices for health and socialization.
Meet new people, get some exercise and have fun all at the same time! Of course, tennis is not a good choice for someone who has not exercised in ages.
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