The Advantages of Biodegradable Materials

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    Pollution Reduction

    • Petroleum-based products negatively affect the environment because of the damage caused by oil drilling as well as the greenhouse gases released. Compounding these problems are natural disasters, such as oil spills. Biodegradable materials, on the other hand, help reduce emissions by 68 percent and do not require oil. Unlike normal plastics, biodegradable materials are organic. Biodegradable substances are manufactured with renewable resources, such as plant and animal components. As a result, they can be absorbed back into the earth, only to be harvested again in an ongoing cycle.


    • Another major advantage of biodegradable materials is that they are non-toxic. Petroleum products can damage the environment after long-term exposure to the elements. In turn, these materials poison the surrounding area, threatening the terrain and local wildlife. However, substances made from natural components reintegrate themselves normally, causing no ill effects. Landfills are a catalyst for environmental contamination. By using biodegradable materials, waste in garbage dumps can be reduced.

    Economic Advantages

    • One major economic benefit is that biodegradable materials help reduce our need for foreign oil. Purchasing oil from overseas is costly, so it makes sense to turn away from such sources and resort to homemade, environmentally friendly products. Another benefit is the marketing potential. Companies that apply biodegradable materials can use this to help boost their image. "Going green" is a big trend, and lot of consumers strictly limit their purchases to products that are environmentally friendly. Organizations can increase revenue by taking advantage of this market.


    • Biodegradable materials are not limited to products like product packaging or bags. Today, all kinds of biodegradable polymers are used in the manufacture of everyday tools. Some of these products include silverware, cups, and foam for containers like eggs or fast-food trays. Potted plants also benefit from biodegradable technology, because the pots themselves can be made from biodegradable materials.

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