3 Easy Ways to Build a Solid Financial Foundation For Your Music Career

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Now that you have a great recording don't waste valuable time you need in order to grow your music.
There are a lot of things that musicians do trying to make a living with their music that amounts to little more than spinning their wheels.
Here are 3 easy ways to begin building a solid financial foundation for your music career.
Find the appropriate tools that will work for you.
Don't waste money on tools that will not help you.
The new music industry is turning out to be a mixed-matched combination of independent labels, D.
Y independent musicians and the major record labels finally making efforts to join in the game.
One of the results of this new music industry is that there have been hundreds of companies popping up offering products and services designed to accomplish what only the major labels could accomplish in the old industry model.
Some of these companies are nothing more than hacks.
Some of these companies are incredible in what they are offering and how they are serving musicians.
Certainly they are not all created equal.
Furthermore it is near impossible to determine whether the product or service that is being offered is something that will work for you and your music.
For a list of the services available visit the link at the bottom of the page and sign up to access reviews of the companies out there.
Measure your results.
Use analytics and statistics tools available.
You absolutely have to pay attention to what results you are getting from your efforts.
This way you can tweak your approach until you are being as effective as possible.
There are many analytic tools available.
You can use Google analytics for free.
Google analytics will give you a wide variety of statistics about your website including how many visits, how many unique visitors, which links are being clicked on and what page your visitors are leaving from.
Any good online distribution service will offer analytics as to which tracks are being downloaded from which stores and so on.
This is so important.
You have to know what things you are doing that are producing the best results.
This way you can continuously correct your course.
Merch - don't let it weigh you down.
There are companies that are set up to manufacture all types of merchandise and will drop ship directly to your fans.
You do not need to order 1,000 t-shirts and sell 50 in a 3 month period ending up with five boxes of t-shirts in your basement, or worse, renting a storage space to store the t-shirts that you lost money on.
Of course your profit margins will be smaller with this method but it is a great way to offer the merchandise without having to carry inventory.
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