Zookeeper Collection Cheats for Zoo Tycoon 2

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    • The original Zoo Tycoon 2 video game was released only for PC, Macintosh and mobile phone users in November 2004. Several alternate editions have come out since. Among these is Zoo Tycoon 2: Zookeeper Collection, which was released in October 2006 and includes the original game along with the Endangered Species and African Adventure expansion packs. The Zookeeper Collection features multiple ways to help players unlock all the game has to offer.

    Zoo Tycoon 2

    • In the Zoo Tycoon 2 portion of Zookeeper Collection, players can unlock different items by finishing specific portions of the game. The Flower Arch is unlocked by completing the Troubled Zoos Campaign scenarios, while finishing the scenarios in the Zookeeper in Training Campaign unlocks the Flowerpost. Players unlock the Mysterious Panda Campaign by first completing every scenario available in the Conservation Programs Campaign. The Gilded Panda Statue is unlocked by finishing the scenarios in the Mysterious Panda Campaign, and players can get the Globe Statue by beating every scenario of the Globe Campaign. To get the Sundial Statue, players must play the Prevent Animal Abuse campaign and beat each of its scenarios.

    African Adventure

    • Players can unlock new themes and abilities using cheats in the African Adventure portion of Zookeeper Collection. To get the African Theme, players must play and beat all five game challenges of African Adventure. Beating all five of the game's photo challenges unlocks the Jungle Theme.

      Players also can gain the ability to run instead of just walking by pressing multiple walk buttons simultaneously. Players can do this by pressing "W" and "Up" at the same time or by left clicking the mouse while holding down either "W" or "Up."

    Endangered Species

    • Different bonuses are unlocked in the Endangered Species portion of Zookeeper Collection by reaching certain levels of accomplishment. Players unlock the Cat Climber by finishing all of the Photo Safari Campaigns, and the Animal Babies Statue is unlocked once players locate and breed 10 or more species that are considered endangered or critically endangered. Decorated Jeep Vehicles are unlocked by hitting the $250,000 donation threshold, and getting to $25,000 in donations unlocks Jeep Commanders. The Photo Kiosk appears as soon as players get through four of Endangered Species' Photo Challenges, and getting 1,000 guests to take a tour unlocks Sky Tram Cart Upgrades. Players who adopt 20 or more endangered or critically endangered animal species unlock the Decorative Zoo Wall Columns, and players unlock Decorated Zoo Wall Caps by finding at least 10 endangered or critically endangered animal species and letting them back into the wild.

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