Increasing Male Fertility Naturally

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If you are a couple trying to conceive and find that it is taking longer than you had hoped, very often the woman is held responsible.
However, it is vital to consider that either or both parties can have issues which can lead to lowered fertility.
There are some simple ways of increasing male fertility naturally and these can be just what is needed to help with conception.
Here are a few things you can try right away.
First of all, looking after your health generally can go a long way.
If you are a smoker, stopping smoking can dramatically improve your sperm count.
Many experts also advise stopping drinking alcohol, or at the very least, cutting down to below the recommended minimum units per week.
Eating a healthy diet and maintaining the correct weight for your height is also a way of helping towards increasing male fertility naturally and you may wish to consider taking a supplement specially recommended for men.
For healthy sperm, zinc is a useful mineral to look out for.
In addition, consider your intake of caffeine, in the form of tea, coffee and chocolate.
It is thought that an excessive intake of caffeine can lower sperm count and the motility of the sperm itself.
Ensuring that the testes are kept cool can also help with increasing male fertility naturally.
Some doctors advocate wearing loose boxer shorts rather than close-fitting underpants and avoiding taking hot baths.
If you are aware that you have a low sperm count, one way to maximize the quantity is not to have intercourse every day, but every two days and concentrate on the day of ovulation and the two days before and the day afterwards.
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