Psychic Medium Techniques: How To Unblock Your Chakras

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You've probably heard of a psychic medium talking about the importance of chakras, and the need to align them.
But what are chakras and why are they important? By definition, chakras are known as our energy vortexes; they are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura.
The main function of these energy vortexes is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness.
When it comes to chakras, the best person to ask is a psychic medium; this is because a psychic medium is the expert when it comes to energies.
In general, a psychic medium recommends these 5 techniques on how to unblock your chakra: 1.
Visualization Through Meditation
One very effective way to unblock chakras is through meditation.
This is a very simple technique -- you basically just have to be in a meditative state of mind, and then you mentally move your focus to the chakra and visualize the color associated with it.
nd meditate on the help you wish the crystal to provide for you.
The Crystal Method
Crystals are a great tool for clearing, charging, healing, and developing the chakras.
This method requires that your either hold the crystal directly on the chakra or hold it right over the chakra for at least three minutes (but not longer than five).
Sound Therapy
Sound therapy is done with use of what we call music bowls.
These bowls are readily available in metaphysical stores and they come with a detailed set of instructions.
The Soothing Massage
A massage is able to stimulate your vital systems, so this means that it can promote healing.
Because we have 21 minor chakras all over our body, a full body massage is one way to unblock your chakras.
The Right Mix Of Exercise And Nutrition
Nothing beats being healthy inside and out the natural way.
With the right set of exercises and the proper nutrition, you can energize your body on every level (both our chakras and our aura).
Now you might wonder -- why on Earth would I need to unblock my chakra? Well, a psychic medium's logic to that is quite simple; when chakras are blocked or misaligned, our energies cannot flow in harmony -- simply put, we'll have a very bad day.
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