Scott Goggles - Motosports and Wintersports Series

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The history of Scott goggles is a long and tenured one.
Dating back to its roots by founder Mr.
Ed Scott, an engineer with a passion for skiing, the company began paving the way in the ski and snow sports industry.
Scott had an idea to transform the heavy and non-dependable ski poles which were made from bamboo and steel at the time, to a newer, lighter aluminum ski pole.
Throughout the next 50 years, Scott began innovating and inventing some of the outdoor sports best products.
Scott goggles have a history as rich as their founder, paving the way with new technology that is used by virtually all other goggles companies out there.
After creating the lighter new ski poles, Ed Scott entered the company into the motocross industry where they made Scott goggles to protect the racers from debris on the track.
The goggles were made with a helmet wearer in mind, and later the goggles made their way into the snow sports industry where they again innovated the technology to create the first foam ventilated model.
As the decades rolled by into the 21st century, Scott began creating products for 2 new industries: cycling and mountain biking, while keeping up with new ideas and tweaks to the Scott goggles line in both motocross and now winter sports.
Two new innovations they presented were a new ventilation system and a new lens.
Also to note, the Solar Blocker Technology was created to help skiers and snowboarders have better vision in the snowiest and brightest of conditions.
Nowadays, there are complete series and model lines of Scott goggles made specifically for each individual sport.
From the five varieties in the Wintersports series to the motocross and snowmobiling series, the colors and radical style designs have evolved and are among the best in the business.
And for those who need to wear eyeglasses, the OTG Scott goggles (or "over the glasses") are fit especially for those riders.
You can get either clear lenses or colored and mirrored lenses that can be worn alone or with a helmet.
And the best part is the cut of the plastic molding will work even when wearing your motorsports or snow sports helmet.
A few different popular models in the Wintersports Series are the Tom Wallisch Signature, Roz G Signature, and Scott Off Grid.
Scott goggles designed for the female riders include the Scott Dana, Scott Aura, and Scott Mia.
The Tyrant, Recoil Xi, and Hustle WFS MX are the best bet in the Scott Motosports Series.
If you need to have protective eyewear for your favorite sport, consider the Scott goggles line as their innovations and technology have proven to be top of the line.
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