What To Do To Fix Burns On Carpets Ii Part

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Carpets are really good items, used mostly in decorating rooms and larger places. It is really nice when you enter your house, after the long working day, you feel comfortable, sitting on your favourite sofa, you stretch your legs on the carpet. But after all of this, you notice several really large burns on the carpet, and suddenly all of your comfort disappear. You start thinking how they have appeared and if there is anything to do to remove them and give the beauty and life back to your favourite carpet. Of course you can use professional carpet cleaning services and get rid of the disturbing burns, but there is an easier and not so expensive way to do this by yourself as we mentioned in the first part of "What to Do to Fix Burns on Carpets". We continue the topic with some instructions in fixing up large burns on the carpet. Here are the following:

Large Burns:

Large Burns differ from the small ones by size, but not only. Large stains require other cleaning techniques and a bit harder work on them, other than this, they more serious and there is a bigger chance to be not able to be removed or fixed up and you should hire carpet cleaning services London. Even though you can first try with the tips bellow:

  1. Match the carpet to some remnant piece of carpet. Be careful when measuring the area, because it has to be parched, and cut the patch a bit larger by the use of a box knife.

  2. Put the patch very carefully over the burned area and cut the burnt stain from the carpet with the same box knife. The piece you cut should be the same size and form of the remnant piece of carpet.

  3. Remove the patch of burned carpet and discard. If you haven't done the first two instructions above correctly and the hole is bigger than the remnant patch then, you will need something more than just carpet cleaning, maybe a new carpet.

  4. Attach double- faced tape or carpet adhesive to the patch and put it over the hole.

  5. After pressing the remnant piece of carpet down, rub it gently by using a dry cloth to fluff the pile. This will help the patch looking like a natural piece of the carpet, which has never been removed or cut out there.

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