Romantic Cottage Decor Sets Hearts A-Flutter

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There's hardly a woman alive who hasn't longed for a room decorated in soft, floral, pink and white splendor.
That's the very essence of Romantic Cottage style.
Romantic Cottage is often confused with Shabby Chic style but the two have very distinct identities.
One of the most distinct differences between the two is their color palettes.
Romantic style is floridly floral and almost exclusively pink and white, while Shabby Chic embraces other colors as well.
Romantic Cottage decor, however, is a profusion of pink in every shade imaginable, from palest shell pink to the deepest rose (but no hot pink - too modern!).
Comfort and beauty are the hallmarks of this style, which tends to make it a type of decor that limits itself to one or two rooms rather than an entire home.
It might work well in a house that's otherwise done in Shabby Chic, with a bedroom or two devoted exclusively to romance.
As one might expect, this decor typically doesn't appeal much to men, who often complain that the bedroom is the one room in the home that's too feminine for them.
Those who share their bedrooms with a male partner may have to compromise and create their Romantic Cottage getaway in another room, as a guest room or a home office for milady.
Here are some ideas for creating this decor.
Because the style tends toward the ornate, wrought iron can be an ideal element to bring into the room.
Painted white and then distressed, ornate wrought iron can serve in many ways.
A bistro set with a small table and two chairs could serve as a vanity table and seats for a bedroom.
A section of wrought iron fence or a gate could be transformed into a headboard hung on the wall behind the bed.
Silk flowers or ivy garlands wound through its curves adds the perfect romantic touch, like a garden brought inside.
Create decorative accents - as well as useful storage - by covering boxes of all shapes and sizes with floral fabric.
Attach satin ribbons, lace trim or pearl beading in white and pink to the boxes for added visual appeal.
Vintage chandeliers make lovely light fixtures to create Romantic Cottage decor.
If they have dangling crystals, they'll cast rainbows all around the room.
The Romantic Cottage look especially relies on fabric in floral patterns.
Whether the fabric has large or small flowers, vines and leaves, gardens or greener, a dominant fabric should be used consistently in pillows, table runners, tablecloths, bed covers, wall art, drapes, valances, and even table linens such as towels, placemats and napkins.
Everything about this style of exaggerated, so don't be shy with the florals but finish off the fabric with some solid color pink rugs or solid color rugs in any pastel shades.
White-painted furniture often is "aged" with a crackle finish.
There are also lots of comfy cushions and pillows to provide comfort.
Wicker furniture also is perfect for this style, especially nightstands, ottomans and other accent pieces.
Finish off the look with candles, fresh or dried flower petals in a china bowl, a mirror with an ornate frame, or shadow boxes painted white to hold sentimental treasures.
Romantic Cottage decor is definitely an affair of the heart.
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