How to Dry Flowers at Home in a Microwawe

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    • 1). Gather fresh flowers at a time when they are not wet from the rain or covered with dew drops. Wait until the sun has been shining on the flowers for approximately two hours before attempting to pick them, if they are covered with dew. Or, wait until the next day if they are sodden with rainwater.

    • 2). Bring the flowers indoors and inspect them for insects that may be clinging to flower heads or leaves. Remove any insects you find.

    • 3). Pour 5 cups of dust-free cat litter into a rectangular-shaped, microwave-safe dish.

    • 4). Use your fingers to create an indentation in the cat litter that is deep enough to accommodate the flower. Place the flower in the indentation and gently cover it with the cat litter in the dish. Ensure that the flower is completely covered. If you have room, you can make another indentation and bury another flower.

    • 5). Place the dish in your microwave on high for approximately two minutes. Remove the dish from the microwave. The kitty litter should be hot when you touch it. Allow the litter to cool for approximately 10 minutes before you remove the flower.

    • 6). Carefully remove the flower from the kitty litter. Brush the kitty litter aside with your fingers to avoid damaging the flower head. Use a small art brush to remove the dust and pieces of cat litter from the petals.

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