Creating the Ultimate Beauty Salon

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Fancy opening a beauty salon to call your own? It's great to have that sense of ownership and be able to design everything as you've imagined, adding that all important personal touch that can be what impresses your clients the most.

It's never a good idea to do things in a hurry when it comes to planning and opening your own business. You should always be prepared for some surprises along the way so set aside more time than you think you'll need. An early opening is always possible and could give you extra PR credit.

The Right Space

Finding the right space is so important both in terms of public accessibility and visibility, and the layout and interior potential. Avoid confined spaces that could easily get stuffy and unpleasant to work in, particularly considering the use of hair sprays, tanning sprays and the like.

Features to look for are high ceilings, a glass shop front, sturdy floors and modern fitted bathrooms so you don't have to invest as much money in renovating these.

It's also important to consider the amount of rooms you require, and whether they are spacious enough to fit beauty couches and the like. Also, are the toilets fully accessible?

The Right Feel

Choose paint or wallpaper that accentuates the features of your chosen property. For example, are you lucky enough to have found a space with cornices? Make sure you paint these in a contrasting colour for added effect.

The colour of the walls should be chosen to reflect the style of the room. Generally, dark tones should be avoided unless the property boasts a large amount of natural light to balance this out.

The Right Equipment

From lighting and mirrors to hair straighteners and colouring bowls, you need to acquire the right equipment and ensure enough space for its secure and efficient storage out of the way so as to avoid a cluttered-looking salon.

Don't opt for the cheapest options in order to save money. Quality needs to be focused on in all areas, as this is a feature customers will definitely notice, and that will influence their decision to return or not.

The Right Furniture

Furniture is one of the first things the eye can see upon entering a beauty salon. With the reception desk most often placed right in front of the door, it's vital to get that just right. It should look professional and welcoming, and fit in well with the general interior.

Likewise, the waiting area should be professional and kept clean at all times. Sofas should be comfy and strewn with cushions for extra cosiness. A nice touch is to have a coffee table with nicely piled, recent magazines (instead of really outdated ones that you often find) for customers to peruse while waiting.

It's also vital to strike gold with further salon furniture such as styling units, washpoints and beauty couches. These should be both aesthetic and fully functional, inkeeping with the general feel and interior of the salon. For example, don't choose a beauty couch in a colour that clashes with the wallpaper. And remember details such as mirrors, ensuring there are plenty of these for your customers to be able to admire their new hair or makeup.
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