Ingredients of an Emphatic Photograph

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Photography is an art that can evoke feelings and narrate stories interwoven with life and drama. You can capture dramatic and the most evocative moments of life with sound picture making. There are a few aspects or points to remember while taking a photograph of a subject.

Following are the elements that can be incorporated in picture making:

A good picture should be well composed. Well composed image means that your subject as well as the background should be placed in a presentable as well as impressive manner. The subject should not be out of place. The background should appear well lit with proper lights or appropriate amount of daylight. Do not move in too close to the subject when you use the 'Zoom In' option in your camera. Otherwise the features of a person appear too large and this appears weird. Adjust the lens of the camera in such a way so that each and every object appears clear in the image. You can use a 'Rule of Thirds' while composing a photograph. The 'Rule of Thirds' implies that a photographer should draw three imaginary lines in the frame. Three lines vertically across the image and other three horizontally. Capture the area where these lines intersect and that is your main area. For instance, you are taking a picture of a garden. Do not capture the graphics of a garden in a 'straight section' but look for winding paths in order to create a sense of movement. Expose your pictures well to the sunlight and shadow. Many photographers play with the light and shadow to convey or narrate a story through pictures. They may show their subject in a pensive or playful mood. A person can even apply green screen effects to the images. With this you can make your subject completely or partially invisible. You can also apply overlay effects to make your pictures more revealing as well as emphatic. All these are a few points to consider while making a perfect picture.
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