For Sale by Owner Real Estate Tips - How to Sell Your House Like a Pro

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Anyone can sell their home themselves and make a better profit than if they would have used a Real Estate agent.
However, often times your worst enemy is yourself.
Humans have a natural instinct to sabotage our own work and this is true in the for sale by owner game also.
Here are some tips on how to be successful at selling your house.
Keep A Positive Mind - If you've done your homework, priced your home right, learned everything you have to do at closing you are ready to sell your home yourself.
Be confident it that.
Now is the time when negative individuals are sure to come to you with horror stories about themselves or people they know whose sale by owner attempts were a disaster.
They may try and convince you that it's too hard to sell your house yourself or that you're not ready.
Don't buy into it.
If the stories they tell seem true bear in mind that those people obviously did not properly prepare to sell their home and that you are prepared.
It is a little scary the first time you sell a house yourself but you must remain confident, and appear to be professional to all interested buyers.
If you're not confident the at least act as though you are.
One of the key steps to selling your home yourself is to stay in control of the situation.
Showing a lack of confidence or nervousness now will open the door for a buyer or his agent to take control of the situation.
You can't allow that.
Talk Like A Pro - One of the keys to a good sales person is to continually put the focus on the buyer.
You do not want to talk about what you did in the house but rather what they can do.
"You will love the pool".
"Here is where you can do your laundry".
Help them see themselves as the home owners.
Listen very closely to the questions they ask, and try and figure out what it is the really want to know before answering.
If they ask you if there is a park nearby, find out if they have kids or grandkids first.
You may assume that they are hoping for a park, but in reality may not want to live near a park for fear of the noise.
Once you know what they're looking for you can answer accordingly.
"Yes, there is but the children in this neighborhood are very well behaved and you can barely hear the park.
" 3.
Look Like a Pro - When doing a sale by owner, or FSBO, property sale you do not want to show up to sell your home in your sweatpants and a dirty T-shirt.
Buyers may already be a little concerned buying directly from the owner, if they stop by to see the home and you have to stop mowing the lawn to show the property and are covered in sweat, you'll make it worse.
This also goes back to them not seeing you as the home owner but as the person that is here to help them buy the property.
Dress nice but not like a high dollar trial lawyer.
Think Like a Pro - If you've done your research, you should know all the correct steps for selling real estate.
Use that knowledge to think like a pro.
Get yourself geared up before each showing.
Remember that you know the house better than anyone else, you can answer any questions they have and that you are here to sell your house and that they are ready to buy it.
And if they choose not to buy it then someone else will.
Keep that confident thinking throughout the process.
Act Like A Pro - A professional real estate agent is helpful, provides guidance to the buyer and never does the hard sell.
Always greet your buyers with a handshake, get their first names and you their first names often in your conversations.
An old trick to getting prospective buyers to find you relaxing.
When they are looking at your home start them off in by doing an initial walkthrough to the key features of the house but quickly allow them the freedom to explore the home unsupervised so that they can talk freely.
During your initial walk ask a few questions about them, like where they are living now etc, items you can make small talk about.
Let them know where you will be if they have any questions.
Make sure they leave will any printed information that you have about the house, especially where they can reach you if they have any questions.
Always be polite and never be defensive about any flaws they find in the home.
It's not personal, don't react like it is, it is simply part of the buying process.
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