Attention Health Buffs: Be Acquainted with Organic Food Advantages

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Organic food seems to be just a diet fad, but based on its popularity, it's here to stay. Anyway, long before man has advanced technically in agriculture, people have relied on subsistence farming, relying on good old sunshine, a little rain and the fertility of the earth. Even if genetically enhanced food products are seemingly dominating the markets, organic food still offers the best nutritional value. Here are some more of organic food advantages:

€ Absence of chemical fertilizers €" organic food is grown on naturally fertilized soil, either by animal manure or urea or decomposed plants. This means that plants growing on those naturally enriched soil has more vitamins and minerals that can be derived from the soil.

€ Absence of food additives, enhancers, extenders or coloring €" these synthetic materials can develop into carcinogens overtime, and what is good about organic food is that it doesn't contain any of these. It is straight from the farm, without any harmful alterations or human interventions to enhance its appearance or taste.

€ High nutritional value €" because it is grown on naturally fertile soil and isn't genetically enhanced, organic food retains it nutritional value, (but it also depends on the way it is prepared).

€ You won't be taking in any pesticides €" you'll know it when your fruit or vegetable is bombarded with chemical pesticides, it is smooth and has no blemishes. The danger lies in the ingestion of these pesticides, because they are meant to kill living organisms like insects. It is most likely to poison you to in the long run.

€ It can be a new hobby €" who says you can't do it at home? You can have your own vegetable or fruit farming in your backyard or anywhere you please. You can also take care of livestock like turkeys, chickens, pigs or goats within our vicinity if you can manage. Gardening is also a fulfilling hobby because aside from beautifying your own yard, you are also getting close to Mother Nature.

Advantages of Organic food do not end there though, it is not only for the consumers' benefit. There are other advantages such as:

€ A nature friendly environment €" with the threats of global warming, we would need more plants to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. It does not only maintain our survival but that of other species too. Also, the use of chemical fertilizers is dangerous for water supplies, because once it seeps to underground water; it can be directly ingested by people drinking from these water sources. With organic farming, this sort of incident can be avoided.

€ Organic farming exhausts the soil less than chemically-aided farming does. Because you are not using caustic chemicals which can make the soil lose its fertility, the soil will not be exhausted but it can be readily used for planting after a few seasons.

€ Farmers earn more €" and they deserve it for producing quality crops which they tend with their sweat. Economies, especially that of developing countries also benefit from organic food .

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