Mosquito Repellent Patches

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    • Mosquito patches are alternatives to insecticides to repel insects. Some patches use a mixture of different chemicals including citronella oil, and can be placed on clothing, furniture or skin to repel mosquitoes. Other types of patches use thiamine, vitamin B1, which mixes with your sweat and creates a smell that repels insects. However, conclusive study results have not been released to prove the effectiveness of mosquito patches regardless of their active ingredients.


    • The idea behind using thiamine in mosquito patches is to alter the human scent to mosquito senses. Meanwhile, citronella and other strong smelling ingredients help mask human scent from insects without having to touch the benefactor of the protection.


    • Although repelling mosquitoes will reduce your chances of being infected with an insect-borne disease such as malaria, the patch will not protect you from any diseases if you are bitten.

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