How Can You Legally Eliminate Credit Card Debt?

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When credit card debts are mounting and it becomes more difficult each month to even make the minimum payment, it is time to start searching for a way to eliminate your credit card debt.
Lots of advertisements claim they have the answer to reducing or even removing credit card debt, but the truth is there are only a few legal ways to eliminate your credit card debt and each one has its good and bad points.
You can eliminate credit card debt through bankruptcy.
One way to eliminate your debts is to declare bankruptcy.
Many people see this as a great option, because it really does get rid of your debts.
When you declare bankruptcy you don't have to pay the money that you owe your creditors, but there is a high price associated with this option.
A bankruptcy stays on your credit report for many years and affects your ability to get more credit.
Having a bankruptcy on your credit report can also affect what you will pay for car insurance and can keep you form getting a job that you want.
You can eliminate credit card debt through a consolidation loan.
Taking out a loan to consolidate your credit card debt can help you to get out from your debts.
This option does require you to pay off your debts, but it gives you the tools to do so and over the long term, saves you money.
TO qualify for a consolidation loan, you must put up some form of collateral, usually a house with equity, so you do run the risk of losing that collateral if you fail to make the loan payments.
You can eliminate credit card debt through a consolidation service.
A consolidation service negotiates with your credit card companies to lower your debt.
Once a lower amount has been agreed upon, you make one payment to the consolidation service, and they in turn make payments to all of your creditors.
You still have to pay the debt, but the payment you make will be significantly lower.
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