Troy Burroghs, and the Snow Sign

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Life never is a piece of cake for me, oh no, it has always had its ups and downs.
I know, for I've had my share.
I was driving the other day to the movie theater; it was in the State of Minnesota, in the middle of its most deadly winter, snow up to your elbows, and so I parked the car, went into see the movie, got all the stress of the day out of me; that is why I usually go to the movies, half the time anyhow,I don't even watch the movie, unless it's a real good one.
In any case, I ate my popcorn, and my diet pop, and I was in the valley of happiness.
My stress level was .
00001, way down brother.
Well, to make a short story shorter, I came out of the movie house, and found a ticket on my car.
I looked around for the police and they were long gone, went home for breakfast I suppose, it was late.
I was not a happy camper, I was angry.
I almost went back into the show house to get rid of this new stress, but I didn't.
I made ten-snow balls and threw each one at the sign that said, "No Parking, Handicap.
"Then I thought, boy this is either a $200, or $500 dollar fine.
Things were not looking good.
And so I threw more snowballs at the sign.
Then I noticed I had covered the sign up with snow, it was sticking on the sign.
I got a bright idea:I threw some more snowballs at the sign: and more and more snow balls at the sign.
Then I took a picture of my car and the sign.
Knowing I had this damn ticket.
Well, the next day I went down to the courthouse, asked for the "Interceder's' office for city transportation violations (the referee), to talk to him about the ticket that is, and showed him the sign was not clear, that snow was on it and thus, how could I read it, and therefore was not responsible for parking where a snow-covered sign said: 'no parking, handicap'.
He looked at me, and looked at me.
Then he kept looking at the sign.
It was a $300 fine, I now found out.
He said, "Well, Mr.
Burroghs it would seem you and the officer are a little both wrong.
I'll cut the fine to $100-dollars!"Then he looked at me to see if I would agree.
I hesitated, pretending to be a little discontent, but after losing my job at this bookstore some time back, I needed to get even with society.
I am not a revengeful person, but I lied, didn't I.
Anyways I said thank you to him and beat-feet out the door.
Sometimes you just have to make life a little more fare, you know, make it happen.
Note: Dedicated to my wife Rosa, she really likes this one for some odd reason; 6/2002 Modifed 12/19/2005
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