The Swap Active Watch Phone Delivers Impressive Performance

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The Swap Active Watch Phone is a watch that doubles up as a phone.
Due to advancements in technology, the components now exist to be able to provide a fully functional mobile phone within the confines of a unit which is the size of a standard watch.
The unit is 65 mm x 45 mm wide and is 17 mm thick.
The watch provides a colourful 1.
5 inch TFT touch screen which is utilised to display a watch face as well as the functionality included within.
The screen is colourful in nature providing the means to display imagery with excellent colour reproduction.
As with most handsets, SMS and MMS capabilities are also included within this particular watch phone.
The unit offers an integrated camera which takes effective snapshot style imagery considering its compact size, whilst also providing the means to take video as an alternative to photo.
Entertainment is provided by means of a MP4 video media player which supports a variety of media file types and formats and provides the means to access and play media as and when desired.
The phone also provides the means to play MP3 and MIDI format ringtones, which means in reality, that downloaded MP3 music files can be utilised as ringtones, providing additional alternatives to the included options.
The phones 128 MB of internal memory is supplemented by the inclusion of a built in microSD card slot that can be utilised to increase memory capacity, by using the option of a 2 GB card.
The integrated audio player offers audio entertainment and is able to play a wide variety of files due to its ability to support numerous file formats which include MP3/MIDI/WAV as well as AAC.
The handset provides blue tooth and USB connections, which can be used to connect to a wide variety of devices by either means for the purpose of file sharing or synchronisation.
This particular unit provides a variety of modes, which include flight mode, vibration, indoor as well as meeting individualisation options.
To ensure that accidental calls cannot be made the unit provides a key lock facility.
One of the most impressive elements of this particular watch phone is its 100 hours of standby time which in conjunction with its talk time of 150 to 180 minutes provides the means to be effective without requiring constant charging.
The Swap Active Watch Phone is an innovative piece of technology which due to the advancements and miniaturisation of components offers an effective and viable option to a standard mobile phone.
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