French Doors, Bifolds Or Sliding Patio Doors

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Sliding patio doors open up the world outside your home in a way that French doors haven't.
They allow more light to enter the home and offer the homeowner unbroken views of his garden.
However, the sliding patio door has not replaced French doors altogether and the choices and styles of both patio doors and French doors have an equal share in manufacture and sales.
Bifold doors are a relatively new addition to the choices in patio doors.
If inside space is at a premium, then the bifold door may be a good option.
Bifolds add a little more simplicity to a room than the sliding doors and they fold into a smaller space than French doors.
The folds almost disappear, offering the homeowner the feeling of living outside.
They can be expensive, however, so choosing the bifold door will depend on your budget.
Sliding patio doors can offer almost the same ambiance to your space as one large pane of glass slides in front of another.
The first thing the homeowner should consider is the style of the home.
French doors would be much more suitable to a Victorian Home than sliding patio doors.
And a contemporary home may not suit bifolds or sliders.
This is important not just for the style of the building, but in the resale value, should you decide to sell your home.
This represents an investment in your home and a hodge-podge collection of doors and windows is very off-putting to potential buyers.
Whichever you choose, all will open up your space, bring more light into your home and allow easy access to your patio.
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