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BARBECUING: what is Barbecuing if I may ask you?
Barbecuing is fun cooking out in the open. Many homes, American homes, practice this honored ritual. Three out of four American homes own a BBQ grill and use it, on average, let's say four to five times per month. There is definitely no better way to have fun with family and friends than to have a BBQ.
Let me give you some points to note to make your BBQ as enjoyable as possible:
When preparing to barbecue, you should remove the meat from the refrigerator for about an hour to let it warm up. The returns will be that the meat will cook faster and will be very juicy.
Food safety is of grave importance: therefore ensure that you cook the meat completely. Slice the meat in the thickest part and make sure that the slices are clear to be sure that the meat is thoroughly cooked. NOTE: At all times be sure to store utensils used to handle the uncooked meat apart from those you use to handle the barbecued meat. Contamination of bacteria can be as hazardous as eating uncooked meat.
Always treat your equipments right to serve you for longer periods of time: give your barbecue grill a thorough cleaning after each use.
Each grill deserves special cleaning according to make and type: below are some pointers referring to some of the commonest grills used by Americans.
If you have a gas grill, you can fire up the grill on for ten to fifteen minutes to allow it self clean. However, charcoal grills require cleaning with soap and water using a hard wire brush. Here is an example of a barbecue sauce recipe that you can try at your next barbecue:
Mustard BBQ Sauce
Ingredients: *1 cup prepared yellow mustard *1/2 cup balsamic vinegar *1/3 cup brown sugar *2 tablespoons butter *1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce *1 tablespoon lemon juice *1 teaspoon cayenne
Directions: Mix all ingredients together and simmer over a low heat for 30 minutes. If you're making this sauce for a whole hog multiple the ingredients by about 8.
Remember that a good BBQ needs lots of hot sauce, laughter, and friends. Don't forget lots of drinks to wash down the hot sauce.

Happy BBQ this Oktoberfest and the approaching Christmas!
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