Silverlight Viewer – The Most Effective Application For Net Reporting

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With the advent of Internet and WWW, there is a rapid development and improvement in every field. Especially, business was greatly influence by the advancement of technology. Net reporting system is one of the most significant factors responsible for success in business and is worth mentioning. Whether it is a corporate or a small entrepreneur, net reporting plays a major role in achieving their business goals. There are many reporting applications but Silverlight Viewer is most effective and efficient reporting service application for making reports for corporate and entrepreneurs. Silverlight Viewer for reporting services is one of the first products that intend to display the reporting service directly in Silverlight applications. The product is integrated to any Silverlight application as it includes an indigenous Silverlight controlling system. This product is well equipped with Silverlight 3.0 and has the capability of providing the users to use it with the applications located directly on HTML pages but it also allows users to use it even outside the browser mode. This product has various excellent features like preview and zooming modes, scrolling, panning, rich data visualization, navigation through the reports via hyperlinks, interactive sorting, input of the report parameters, search options and many more. While converting the report to HTML it is almost impossible to give a high quality appearance but this product has the credit because the reports are displayed in vector format. Unlike other report applications the users does not need to load down the whole report but it facilitates the users to load only the essential reports. This is one of the advantages of this particular product that saves time and therefore is considered as an effective reporting application. A user can controlled all the aspects of Silverlight features and options even from the code. Silverlight Viewer for reporting services also assist the user to optimize data processing in a report and specify required information with the help of report parameter supporter. This product has features like export of files to popular format like PDF, Excel, Cvs, Xml, Mhtml and TIFF. The excellent features of Silverlight application helps to display reports from Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. The current version of this application supports the SQL Reporting Services 2005. Silverlight Viewer for reporting services is the first product that Perpetuum Software has developed for displaying Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. As net reporting is becoming a significant task for all corporate and entrepreneurs, this reporting application is an excellent product that is required for all kinds of business. Silverlight Viewer for reporting services is gaining lot of popularity and most corporate used this product for displaying reports related to finance and essential data. This product is mostly preferred for any type of businesses because it is easy to use and its compatibility with Silverlight 3.0 saves precious time. There are many applications for displaying reports but Silverlight Viewer for reporting services is most effective and convenient application with many advanced features and options.
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