What Causes Acne?

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What are the Possible Causes of Acne? There are many possible causes of acne that most people haven't heard of.
For those who don't suffer acne and have no occurrences in the family, you are lucky to have clear skin, but you might find the information useful just in case you have friends that have acne.
The causes of acne range from blood lines (hereditary), to the food you eat, to personal hygiene.
The Possible Causes of Acne Outbreaks - Which One Is Your Personal Culprit? It's in the genes.
The idea that acne is hereditary has been proven by science through careful study of family trees.
Some people consider hereditary acne as "dirty blood" since it produces hideous red clusters of pimples that leave nasty and deep marks.
Still, even if the cause of your acne is hereditary, there are still many ways you can adopt to limit acne outbreaks.
(See some of these ways below.
) The food you eat.
Many believe that eating a lot of oily food brings about acne.
Others swear that sugary foods such as candy and chocolates cause acne.
Junk food such as chips are also often mentioned as likely causes of acne.
In the end though, it's still about you.
For instance, if you already have oily skin, then yes, eating oily food can provoke an acne breakout.
The best thing for you to do is to keep a journal.
Each time you have an acne outbreak, try to remember what you just ate.
Pretty soon, a pattern will follow and you can find out once and for all which types of food cause acne for you.
On the other end of the spectrum, eating the right type of foods such as fruits and vegetables can help detoxify the body as well as the skin.
That stage in your life (hormonal imbalance).
Ever wonder why acne occurs just at that sensitive stage called puberty? Well, the reason is because during this stage in your life, it is believed that your body starts to produce androgen hormones, which is the hormone that partly causes your sebaceous glands to enlarge and create more oil and serum.
Personal hygiene routine.
How many times have you heard it? Cleanse, ex foliate, moisturize! Hereditary or not, eating the right foods or not, if you don't ensure that your skin is clean, you will get acne.
For women, you should also check the make-up you use.
The chemicals you put on your face may be the culprit of your acne episodes.
If this is the case, choose hypoallergenic cosmetics or products with natural ingredients to avoid acne breakouts.
The environment.
Too much humidity can cause irritation to the skin and end up in acne problems.
Being constantly in a room where there are a lot of smokers can also irritate your skin and cause acne.
Polluted air is another factor that can induce an acne breakout.
Since polluted air contains impurities, open skin pores may clog and breakout into acne.
The possible causes of acne are wide and varied.
By zeroing on the exact cause of your specific case, you can formulate a plan to avoid acne breakouts in the future.
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