3 Secrets to Writing Better Articles

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Just like 'best' better is one of those words that people don't often know quite what they mean when they say it.
Writing better articles can fall under that heading.
What makes an article better? Here are three things that make for writing better articles, at least in my book! Readability Are your articles easy to read? Is the English easy to follow? Does the logic make sense? Are you writing at a grade 5 level? Experts tell us that we need to write articles at a level a child in Grade 5 could quickly comprehend.
Go too much beyond this level and people find it tiresome to read.
Clickthrough Ok, let's be honest here.
What is the sole purpose of your article? To educate the reader? Not in my books.
My sole purpose when writing an article is to get that reader to click through to my website.
So writing better articles must include increasing the clickthrough rate per article.
How do you do this? Write better titles, and above all, write better resource boxes.
Efficiency Writing better articles should perhaps be re-phrased to be writing articles better.
Most people spend way too long on their simple articles, when in fact a few minutes is often sufficient for what the article demands.
Therefore, if you can increase your writing efficiency and slash the amount of time it takes you to write an article, you'll be writing articles better.
Writing better articles is important, but more important is your time, and the overall place of articles in your marketing campaign.
I've trained myself to write an article in one take, and I don't usually go back to edit.
Yes, I could be writing better articles, but my time is worth more than that.
I don't want to write perfect articles, just good articles.
80% of your results will come from 20% of your effort, so identify that 20% and run with it! Chances are, writing better articles isn't going to drastically improve your results.
Writing more articles will.
Keep it simple, cut out or reduce the editing, and you'll be writing articles better in no time.
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