Good Seo Vs Bad Seo

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Each aspect in this world changes with time and so is with SEO technique. Previously SEO was regarded as a scientific fact of being different in the internet world but nowadays it has become friendlier concept for every online business owner, or can rightly be called as an online marketing campaign. But in a regretful manner we encounter that people consider it as a junk effort, a shortcut way to flourish in online business.

In real there are no shortcuts to success and SEO is a high-quality marketing approach to grow the business in a great format like search engine optimization.

To clear the path and reach the goal, each one of us carries out certain way to seek the aim. Some ways are quite appreciating whereas few are not at all worthy to mention. So with SEO also there are varieties of good as well as bad features attached. So let's take a look and find out some basic dissimilarity between good SEO and bad SEO.

Keyword Research
Good SEO - Creating wonderful combination of search volume keywords and also keeping in mind to craft long tail keyword or keyword phrases. Good SEO thoughtfully uses the low search volume keywords in the websites.

Bad SEO - Targeting one word keywords for each page of your website will only help you in getting the top search position for only high search volume keywords.

Writing a Meta Tag
Good SEO - A focused approach to distinctively create meta title tag while keeping in mind the targeted keyword phrase that is 60 characters or less.

Bad SEO - Creating a meta title tag and inscribing it with promotional industry keywords considering achieving the top rank in the search results.

Writing a Meta Tag Description
Good SEO - Looking for target users who read your meta tag description in the search results and visit the website. Employing all the targeted keywords and placing them on each web page.

Bad SEO - Focusing in just trying to lead the search results by stuffing their website with meta tag descriptions through an irrelevant approach and forgetting about the users.

Content Optimization
Good SEO - Communicating and presenting the business perfectly through a well-defined content built with simple yet very attracting keywords and long tail phrases. Users easily connect and are ready to interpret the overall activity.

Bad SEO - Creating content with jammed keywords that is not understandable and is difficult for the user to read.

Press Release Writing & Distribution
Good SEO - Concentrating towards healthy content writing, which is worthy to announce and release in press. It can be talked, shared on the blogs and can even be press released by standard press release distribution services.

Bad SEO - Constructing the content only for a press release and search engines while ignoring the common user.

Article Writing & Distribution
Good SEO - Working specifically towards the area of study and creating an informative content that can benefit the target users.

Bad SEO - Focused to write a massive content with all the keywords without any specific significance and targeted approach.

Directory Submission
Good SEO - Preferring to list your auspicious business only in trafficked and respected website directories.

Bad SEO - Using a software program to list your business into heaps of useless directories where all the useful information is distributed without any actual purpose.

Video Marketing
Good SEO - Promoting your business industry in a thoughtful manner through video marketing while keeping in mind various SEO tactics needed to create the titles and descriptions.

Bad SEO - Producing a terrible video recording just for the marketing without engraving real efforts and substance and focusing only to top the search results.

Facebook Marketing
Good SEO - Focusing on making a Facebook fan page to not only share the business but also to connect with the customers and create a follower friendly community.

Bad SEO - Creating a personal profile with business type outlook to send thousands of friend request but in return it will going to shut the Facebook account.

Twitter Marketing
Good SEO - Using the Twitter networking or marketing to post useful informative stream of messages for followers. Not just working to promote the business stuff.

Bad SEO - Sending whole lot of promotional messages or associated links though social networking which are lacking in substance and are absolutely not worth the means.

Blog Commenting
Good SEO - Blog commenting is the finest means to add value to the main content. It enhances the overall conversation and the complete picture is filled with qualitative blogging.

Bad SEO - Just commenting with short timely messages does not add value to the main content.

If you are all set to expertise in the area of SEO, do look at the given points when you start online marketing. Always selecting the right approach is important, it not only leads you to the correct path but will also let you achieve a successful name in the online marketing industry. Through this you can make a deep impact on the users of your esteemed business.
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