My DUI Class - Why I Had My DUI Class

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I learned a great deal in my DUI class and for me, it wasn't just a punishment that I need to do because I committed a mistake.
I am writing this down in order to let people know and realize the different costs made by DUI crimes (driving under the influence) as well as to make them avoid such kind of mistakes.
At first I thought that classes such as this is easy and I will just have to write down some notes and be able to pass just like in my junior high days -but I was definitely wrong.
At first I thought that DUI classes are just a waste of time, money and effort.
Since I was ordered to attend and complete this kind of program, I told myself that I will just attend all the classes just to get this done.
It was actually a late evening when I was about to get home because the location that I'm in is really not that far to where I live.
Although I was a little bit loaded and a little bit drunk, I was actually feeling okay.
Then suddenly, there was a huge red light which suddenly filled my rear view mirror.
I was a little bit shocked and then as I was about to pull off the road so that I could open my door and see what is going on, there was a loud P.
system with a voice saying "Stay in the car.
" The law enforcement officer suddenly came up and then asking me about my license.
He said that I need to take my driver's license out of the small plastic holder.
I also need to get my registration while he was shining the flashlight into my face.
He then asked me to step out of the car and after I did that, he told me to touch my nose, walk around ten steps--heel to toe--and after that I need to turn around and come back so that I could recite the alphabet.
I was so nervous when the officer said my rights and then handcuffed me and put me in the police car and brought me to the police station.
I was then given a breath test for alcohol usage twice and it was confirmed that I was drunk.
The story goes on.
I attended court trials and because it was my first offense, they said that the court order is not that harsh.
There were a lot of court trials that happened and I even had my own DUI lawyer.
I was told to do some community service and I was also mandated to attend and complete my DUI class.
That is the main reason why I was mandated to such kind of program.
It was pretty hard for me to handle such kind of difficult situation.
But now that it is almost done, I can say that I was able to handle it well.
I learned from my mistake and I told myself not to get involved in this kind of criminal offense anymore.
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