College Touring - 7 Must Read Tips to Make Your College Tour Successful

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College touring can be quite a challenge and especially trying if your teen is not motivated to do the prep work needed.
Most teens are struggling with life issues and the major decision of picking a college, writing essays, and preparing to do their best on ACT or SAT tests.
There is a lot of pressure on them and they still have to finish out their Senior year of High School.
Parents can help their college bound teens glide easier into the process with some help.
Here are 7 tips to aid you in a success trip to the colleges on your short list.
  1. Identify your major - although this may be a difficult task, narrowing your focus to one area is generally a good idea.
    At times, there may be a related field or a second field of interest that you could take as minor.
    Keep talking to people to get clear.
  2. Pick colleges out of college book - The guidance counselor or local librarian will have a college reference book where you can look up colleges listed by majors.
    This is a great tool! Each state is broken down per major as well.
    Make sure to take out your yellow highlighter.
  3. Create a timeline - teens need lots of structure around time management.
    Create a special calendar with your teen and have them record testing dates, application deadlines, essay deadlines, open houses, etc.
    Make sure you list the days off and holidays off to make it easier to plan.
  4. Make an appointment - schedule an appointment directly with the department your student will be majoring in.
    Make sure you call ahead!
  5. Visit on Open House Days - Colleges like to show off their campus along with their programs on special open house days.
    Financial counseling lectures are usually in the program along with a campus tour.
    Do not forget to try the cafeteria food too!
  6. Talk with students on campus - most parents and their children find out what the college is "really like" when talking with student who already matriculating at the college.
    Both formal and interviewing will give you great information.
  7. Follow up with Professors - after your tour contact the professors that you like the most or even the dean.
    Email addresses and phone numbers are located on college websites.
    Ask for their business card and send them a thank you note.
College touring does not have to be a burden.
Lighten up the process and work together with your teen to create a memorable trip.
Teens do not always know what to do.
These tips will help you both head in the right direction.
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