How to Carry a Traditional Pipe

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    • 1). Purchase a pipe case to protect your pipe while in transit. A pipe case also keeps loose tobacco and ash from the pipe from getting in your pockets or bags.

    • 2). Buy a nice tobacco pouch to match your pipe case. Pipe tobacco comes in paper pouches in most cases, but serious smokers have a dedicated tobacco pouch.

    • 3). Fill your pouch with enough tobacco to get you through the day. Do not overfill the pouch, as this could lead to embarrassing spills. Tobacco pouches also help prevent your tobacco from getting overly dry.

    • 4). Place your pipe into the pipe case. Keep the pipe and tobacco near one another so you are never stuck trying to find them.

    • 5). Keep the pouch and case in your inside jacket pocket. If you do not wear a suit or the weather is warm, put the pipe and tobacco in a messenger bag or your briefcase.

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