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The first question that comes to mind when it comes to learning good and proper English is Why is it so important to learn English? In todays world English has attained the position of a global language of communication. We need English in international business, media, politics, entertainment, education and in every other field we can think of. To Learn English abroad becomes further more important when we come across the fact that nearly 375 million people speak English as their mother tongue and nearly 750 million people speak English as a second language throughout the world. To Learn English abroad, you should go to a place where English is the native language.

To learn English is very important. In some cases, it is more important than knowing ones mother tongue to communicate with the rest of the world on any topic on earth. On the Internet, you may find many sites that offer grammar and vocabulary lessons and interactive exercises that will help you to analyze your progress. There are also programs with free services like email support, online tutors and scheduled chat line interaction.

For testing a program, you can try a free lesson and decide which program is the most suitable for you. To Learn English abroad, it is mostly advisable to select a program that will offer you
Interactive exercises on-line and off-line.
Email exercises, test and quizzes.
A wide online test database.
Written vocabulary and grammar exercises.

There are a huge number of destinations to learn English abroad, but to choose the most convenient destination, you need to carry out research work about the particular place. For any interested English learner .the first option is bound to be England, the perfect place for learning flawless English. London is the top destination in England as it is the hub of interaction for the people from various corners of the world. If you like a rather smaller town to learn English abroad, the best option for you is definitely Oxford or Brighton. And above all we cant forget Scotland, with the small but legendary and historical citiy, of Edinburgh as the best destination.

Another interesting destination to Learn English abroad is Australia, with the main center of learning being Melbourne. A multi-cultured, sophisticated and friendly city of three million people, Melbourne is also a great travel destination, a major business, manufacturing and cost effective education center. The learning centers in Australia provide courses for developing general English, teacher training courses for non-natives, Aviation English courses, Corporate English courses, Industry English courses, mostly of 10 weeks duration and are reasonably affordable.
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