Different Strikes For Different Situations: The Benefits Of Mma

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Some proponents of traditional self-defense and martial arts may take issue with the mix and match character of MMA. Fairfax, Richmond, Arlington and Alexandria arent complaining, however thats precisely why they like it, apparently.

Everyone whos ever watched a karate or Kung Fu movie knows that theres no one fighting style good for every situation. In fact, even the great Bruce Lee subscribed to that logic and thats the same mindset behind MMA. Fairfax, Richmond, Arlington and other Northern Virginia residents can take advantage of great studios in the area that teach basic and advanced moves to be used in any given situation.

Here are several situations one can be faced with whether from bullies or criminals as well as several basic moves that are taught to handle them.

Ranges And Stances

When it comes to MMA, Fairfax students and those from around the surrounding areas can learn the fundamental stances and strikes from top studios in the area. The basic fighting stances cover the three basic ranges one will find in a situation that requires fighting: kicking range, punching range and grappling range. All three are needed in a fight situation - particularly street fights as real life combat situations can be dynamic and unpredictable, changing within seconds.

Kicking Range

This is the furthest distance you will find yourself in, in a combat situation. At this distance, you should be able to use your legs to strike your adversary pre-emptively. Imagine an opponent coming at you in a fighting stance you should be able to handle this with the kickboxing or Muay Thai moves taught in MMA. Fairfax experts will teach you these basic moves, as well as kicking range moves from other disciplines such as Jiu jitsu and Jeet Kune Do.

Punching Range

Closer distances enable you to effectively strike your assailant with your hands. At this mid-range of unarmed combat, there are other moves and strikes you can use from different disciplines. Street fighters, for instance, still like to use moves from Muay Thai and regular boxing principles, although there are many more disciplines to choose from.

Grappling Range.

Grappling range is divided into two different planes: vertical and horizontal. In the vertical plane, you can generally deliver impact techniques. Some include elbow and knee strikes, head butts, gouging and crushing tactics, biting and tearing techniques. In the horizontal plane, you are on the ground fighting with your adversary. Here, various submission holds, locks and chokes can be quite useful and are taught in basic classes. Street fighters recommend classic wrestling as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu moves in this case.
More than just being a hodgepodge of styles, there is actually a true discipline in the mixture of moves taught in MMA. Fairfax is home to world-class experts who are on hand give you practical advice so take advantage.
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