Practice Golf Mental Toughness Off the Course If You Want to Use it on the Golf Course

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If You Want The Power Of The Mental Game Of Golf To Help You Shoot Lower Scores, You Better Practice It.
Have you practiced your mental game at the range lately? So many people seem to agree that their golf, whatever the level they are playing at relies hugely on their states of mind.
Maybe some like to feel confident while others want to be able to control their nerves.
Certain groups of golfers say they play their best when they have freedom from mechanics while others need to be happy off the course at home or work (preferably both?) before they can relax and play their best golf.
Whatever it is for you, I don't know, but you do.
The common thing is that it is some form of the "mental state of the player" which has a dramatic effect on the players ability to perform.
Have you ever wondered how you can go from hitting it well one day to struggling to his a cow's backside with a banjo the next? The one thing I can assure you is that you cannot lose your swing from one day to the next although I do hear this from golfers quite often.
"I can't find my swing, I've lost it today! Yesterday I was all over the pins!" Lose a swing? Do these golfers lose their ability to tie their own shoe laces as often as they lose their swing? I don't think so.
What happens is that they unwittingly interfere with their natural ability to swing the club but the swing they had yesterday, last week or the month before is still there, hidden, suppressed and interfered with by other emotions or the conscious use of thought at inappropriate times.
It's all too easy for most players to start second guessing themselves for the slightest reason, normally a bad swing.
Not surprising I suppose when you consider that virtually no-one bothers practicing their mental game at the range.
For example do you go to the range with the sole intention of: · Practicing your pre-shot routine · Strengthening your visualisation routines · Practice the ability to remain completely in the present and allow no outside interference · Strengthen your ability to shut down internal voices that interfere with your swing · Have people distract you so you can get mentally stronger and more disciplined · Be aware of your whole vision (peripheral) and then zero in, laser like to a target · Work on full commitment to each shot · Put a bad swing behind you and swing with full confidence on the next There are so many valuable mental toughness techniques that could make a huge difference to your game if you would just learn and practice them.
Let me ask you a question.
If you do not actively practice mental game techniques and your mental toughness programs, can you expect them to be strong? Will they come to your rescue when something goes wrong on the course if you have never practiced them? If you were well schooled in mental toughness techniques and you spent time to practice your mind Power, how much better do you think you would play?
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