The Reindeer in Lapland

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What happens to the Reindeer is always a question that tourists visiting Lapland happen. The Reindeer is wholly important in Lapland and the Sami people (indigenous people) of Lapland still very much farm Reindeer as a way of life and for an income. In the spring the Reindeer will migrate to the Arctic coast and in the autumn they are moved back into more sheltered areas.  Reindeer are well suited to the arctic climate for two reasons, one being their nose and the other being their hooves. In the summer months a  Reindeers footpads are especially spongy allowing for more traction and in the winter months a Reindeers hooves will shrink back and become sharper, allowing the Reindeer to cut through the snow more easily.  The change in the hooves in the winter also allow the Reindeer to cut through the snow covered floor in order to reach foods such as Lichen and moss.

Reindeer meat in Lapland is widely eaten and not only is it considered a delicacy but is low in fat and considered extremely good for you. Reindeer meat is widely available in shops and restaurants and is prepared in many ways.  The Reindeer is served in steaks, stews, burgers and pizzas.

The Reindeer mainly feed on lichen in winter and their favourite food is Reindeer moss.  They are also known to eat willow and birch leaves, as well as grass.  It is not widely known that the Reindeer can swim but they absolutely can and swim well they do and they will not hesitate to cross a broad river and a small lake.  Reindeer,  even if they are domesticated are quite shy creatures by nature and will normally shy away from human contact.  It is also known that during the mating season in Autumn, the male Reindeer will naturally be more aggressive and although it is unlikely they will attack, it is always best to keep your distance.

In Lapland there are many Reindeer parks, where you can roam freely with the Reindeer and in Yllas resort Lapland you will readily see the Reindeer roaming free. The summer months will see a double in the amount of Reindeer you will see and they will quite literally walk right out in front of you. They really are the most magnificent creatures and just watching them will fill you with joy.
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