How to Reset a Password on the Cisco 7920 VoIP

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    Reset Phone Lock Password to Default

    • 1). Navigate to "Start," "All Programs," and "Cisco" to open the phone profile window (using a Windows operating system).

    • 2). Navigate to "File," then "New" (or you can navigate to "Edit," then "Configuration Wizard" as an alternative).

    • 3). Click on the "Phone Lock Password" tab. Click on the box next to " Reset Password to Default. " The factory default password is "12345" and your saved data in the phone will remain. If you are unable to access the phone using "12345," then you must call Cisco technical support for them to reset the password remotely.

    Reset Your Phone to Factory Defaults

    • 1). Press the "Menu" soft key on your phone.

    • 2). Press the "*" key, then press the "#" key and then press the "#" key again.

    • 3). Press the green "Call" key, which puts the phone in administration mode.

    • 4). Turn the phone off and then turn it on and press any key between "0" and "9," the "*" key or the "#" key while in the first menu after the phone has turned back on.

    • 5). Press the green "Call" key.

    • 6). Press "Menu," then "Phone Settings" and then "Factory Default." Your phone will ask you if would like to restore to default.

    • 7). Press the "Okay" soft key on the phone. All settings on the phone will be deleted, which may take a few moments. Your password is also reset.

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